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Information for Physicians

As a healthcare provider, you have probably heard about the Lab Card Program from some of your patients. The Lab Card Program is a healthcare benefit that offers a savings to both employees and health benefit plans. Employers throughout the United States have chosen to provide the Lab Card Program for their employees. When the Program is used, both the health benefit plan and employees will enjoy a substantial cost savings on outpatient laboratory testing.

Publications for Physicians

Lab Card fact sheet for physicians. This fact sheet includes important phone numbers as well as information regarding procedures and customer service. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.)


How the Program Works

  1. At your office or a Lab Card collection site, members show their Lab Card or healthcare card with the Lab Card logo on it and verbally request to use the Lab Card Program. Lab Card is optional, if members do not use the Lab Card Program, his/her regular benefits will apply.
  2. You collect the Lab Card specimens in your office and clearly mark Lab Card on the paperwork and call 1.800.646.7788 to request a Lab Card pick up. (Members whose physician does not collect specimens can call Lab Card Client Services at 1.800.646.7788 or visit Labcard.com to locate an approved Lab Card collection site)
  3. The testing is performed and the results are sent to the you, generally the next day for routine testing.

Client Services

Lab Card’s client services staff is available to assist you weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. By calling client services at 1-800-646-7788, you can order additional tests or obtain information on abnormal ranges, results reporting, supplies or billing. Furthermore, we have established a network of in-house medical and technical experts who are available to provide you with specific test information.


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