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How To Use Your Lab Card

Doctor's Office
1. At your physician's office or a Lab Card collection site, show your healthcare card with the Quest Diagnostics and/or Lab Card logo and/or your separate Lab Card and verbally request to use the Lab Card Program. Lab Card is optional, if you do not use Quest Diagnostics Lab Card Program, your regular benefits will apply.

2. If your physician collects Lab Card specimens in their office, they can continue to do so. After the collection is complete, your physician
must clearly mark Lab Card on the paperwork and call 1-800-646-7788 to request a Lab Card pick up.

3. If your physician does not collect specimens in his/her office, you
may find an approved collection site at www.labcard.com or by calling
1-800-646-7788. Site information, including locations, Lab Card hours and any special instructions are updated daily, so please visit the website or call 1-800-646-7788 before any visit.

4. You Save!

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